Our mind is sort of a machine, that's constantly generating thoughts. thoughts are very little bundles of energy that have a tremendous impact upon us, there's most of the energy within the atmosphere, you cannot see it but if you take a semiconductor unit set and begin turning the knob you'll catch station, after radio station, it shows that these waves were present within the atmosphere, similarly, our thoughts are also like subtle waves they

impact us in so many ways first of all they impact our appearance, you look at somebody and say why are you so sad today that person's thoughts created the looks of sadness and you investigate someone else and say oh our feet are not falling on the ground, what's the excellent news again, the thoughts modified the looks thus these thoughts at present are not in control or focus, i like to convey the analogy of the tv set of past days in the 1970s, once the tv had just come out in Asian country we used to have this very basic kind of sets where a channel would come up, then it would disappear so another channel would come up which would disappear and sometimes the channel would slippy our lines would seem in, the same way is our mind we think of something and then something} else so a 3rd issue and back to the first thing, currently why is this happening in sight if a automobile is out of control because here then there then returns, you'd say there are 2 possibilities either the machinery is flawed the shaft rod is broken and hence the steering wheel has lost control over the wheels as an alternative the machinery is perfect however the driver is inebriated which is why he's not controlling the similarly, equally if our thoughts aren't properly channeled there's one of 2 possibilities either the machinery is flawed all else we are not controlling it properly, currently any folks who is listening to this talk doesn't have defective machinery otherwise there is a terribly remote chance that you would care to pay attention to the current the greater probability is that we've got not learned to manage the machinery of the mind, therefore how does one manage this machinery in this regard there are 2 yogistic schools of thought primarily of course, there are subdivisions but in the vedic system there's a on yoke and there's bhakti-yoga yoke, states that thinking is giving issues to you, stop the thinking method reduce your thinking reduce your thinking and this way from the cervical State make your mind difficult build it thoughtless monokuma to bear bar, currently the devotion path takes a special perspective it says toit says to create this mind thoughtless is extremely tough it's next to impossible instead of doing that you divert the mind towards God, it's rather like you're driving a bicycle currently if you say I would like to stop the forward movement by applying my brakes it becomes an unstable condition you'll either fall to the left or the right , you cannot retain your balance however instead if you just flip the handle the forward movement will stop because the bike isn't moving in this direction , similarly bhakti-yoga states do not stop thinking think of God build your mind krishna my divine, what is the matter with the path of Gyan yoke it's extremely tough the nature of this mind is such that it constantly keeps operating and to bring it to a state wherever it starts working is unnatural to the functioning of the mind there is the beautiful illustrative story of Assad , who used to live up within the range of mountains and on the far side in divet his name was Milarepa in the near village a rumor spread that this son who has a Sid mantra, if you chant it you'll get Sidney's or mystic talents one villager came up to his religious residence and he said sir, I heard you've got a Sid mantra if we tend to chant it we get mystic talents can you please provides it to me Milarepa said I  do not have any such my intent of spirituality is totally different subject aperio the phenomenon Budong kosnov, the buddha aforesaid the goal is to purify the mind and not learn howto walk on water or transport eight objects, the villager said, sir, you are avoiding me, until you provide me the mantra i'll not move from your ashram Milarepa, set Soviet what do I care but after twenty-four hours his sadhana started getting disturbed he said My dear fellow, you're causing a nuisance to me, can you please leave, the villagers aforesaid, sir i'm willing to die but i'll not leave without the month milarepa though, a way to get rid of this man currently, so, so he said all right i am going to give you the SIP mantra, really ,he was all ears tell me sir the synth mantra is oh, oh it is a sin mother, yes if you chant it you will get mystic talents but there's a condition to that, do not bring any monkeys to your mind, what do you mean, I mean don't think of any monkeys henceforth otherwise all this chanting will become useless, the villagers said sir I even have never thought of monkeys all my life why should I begin thinking of them, milarepa said I even have gotten you now it's up to you the person came back from there with a sense of accomplishment, now I have a similar mantra I simply need to chant ohm ohm ohm and not think of monkeys, what should I not consider monkeys what was the consequence is doing oh Momo one portion of the mind is acting just like the operator chant ohm ohm and the other portion of the mind is acting as the monitor, am I thinking of monkeys or not now what's the consequence he was doing oh do not think of monkeys oh oh the mind said is there a monkey watching me from behind he looked back, Oh No there was no monkey my god what did I do I believed of a monkey all my singing has become useless, all right this point I am going to chant home and not think of so he was walking back home, oh don't think of monkeys, oh don't think of monkeys don't think of monkeysmy youngsters and then he said are the monkeys on the road there, oh my god there were persons I did it all over again now the mole he would scold his mind,  a lot of disturbed his mind would become and what was the consequence he started seeing monkeys everyplace his thoughts became monkey mind, he said things are getting out of control let me go home take a cold water bath, and then with a fresh mind I'll charge home, home and not think of monkeys however while taking the bath he thought he saw a monkey there a monkey there he said wherever, in you get in from the married person said, might be a husband who's gotten this monkey in the restroom let's got into my mind so he had his parties and every night nevertheless let me go to my puja space and pick up the string of beads and of beads and chant ohm ohm without thinking of monkeys but once he reached the auditor he thought he saw an enormous monkey sitting there with the string of beads speech saying oh he lost to his mind he went back to the sage milarepa, and aforementioned sir this mantra you gave me please take it back. give it to me in my next life but don't tell me that I should not think of monkeys all I will definitely think of them.
so much is the nature of this monkey mind within the remind Goswami to visualize dusty Maharaj . he says a monkey is naturally Restless and if you tie a scarf into it until it becomes even more agitated on top of that if it has got hysteria consider its situation and further you make it drink some intoxicating intellect destroying alcohol. what will be the condition of that monkey that oh Lord Ram is that the condition of my mind currently for that mind you see okay stop the thinking process there are great probabilities it'll think even more and that is why the method given the sacred writing scriptures in the math word Gita Lord Krishna says man-mana bhava mad-bhakto mad-yaji mam namaskar, this is the only line that has return twice in the 700 verses of the Bhagavad-Gita lord Krishna says Arjun to see stop thinking divert the mind to God learn to envision this world is belonging to him learn to see him in everyone learn to see yourself because the servant of God, learn to do everything as an offering unto him not only can your material thoughts stop, but your life can become divine and it'll be a providing at the altar of the Supreme Lord, that then is the way to uplift this mind and build our lives blessed.