Will power is very much like a muscle and like a muscle, it tends to get exhausted with use, however just like the muscle willpower can also be developed, that is the nature of this brain. If you apply it to mathematics issues again and becomes higher at them if someone engages in juggling that portion of the brain, that is engaged in juggling ends to develop and similarly, we are able to develop our willpower by exerting it, so a little bit of willpower exercise easy exercise, for instance, the body says you would like to scratch however you desist I will not, currently, it may seem to be a small issue but if you do it, you will discover that the willpower has started increasing and an even a lot of powerful way of developing the willpower. Meditation what happens in meditation you sit right down to meditate.


What is that?



 I will think about God or whatever is the object of your meditation and also the mind says no i do not enjoy this i would rather think about skunk. now the intellect controls the mind hey return here. So on every occasion the mind desires to wander off you pull the mind back by exerting the muscle of self-control. what is the consequence in 3 hours of meditation? you will find that your willpower has jumped several rungs try it and do it. and it's not even necessary that you achieve your meditation because even if you're not succeeding you're still exerting your willpower you're every time practicing that focus that concentration is an application of your self management and self control developed in one space of life, will stand you in sensible stead in all the so endeavor to enhance this muscle of possession through practices like meditation.