Do you sometimes experience that your mind is not under your control it's creating unnecessary is making an inner disturbance that you just may do without. what is the reason for this. consider the analogy of a car. let's say a car instead of going straight, sometimes goes to the left of the road and then reaches to the right and then turns around, either it means that the driver is stiff and is unable to manage the steering or else the driver is completely okay however the machinery is flawed, the shaft rod is broken and hence, the steering has lost control.



                  In the same approach, if our mind isn't functioning well. even the machinery button is flawed instead we tend to aren't understanding however we are able to control .if the machinery wasn't correct, the possibilities are you'd not be being attentive to this in our case God has blessed us with a correct brain, the

matter is we aren't controlling it. medical science has understood the functioning of the brain, but when it comes to the workings of th e mind. it is still at a loss. The Weavers inform us that this mind is very much like a refined machine, that perpetually creates thoughts, thoughts are very little bundles of energy, there's most of a manner G within the environment you cannot see it. but it's there if you take a radio set and start turning the knob, you will find it connects with one after the other AM and FM channels, it means these waves were gift within the atmosphere, our thoughts too square measure like waves and that they impact us fortunately, this mind is extremely very like soft mud, you'll be able to impart the shape you want to soft mud and mine can also be shaped, if he's so endeavour, for example if you spent your day watching a sports game at night the same game will come in your dream as well and if you spend your day watching Bollywood movies in your dream too you'd see the heroes and heroes, what does this mean where you attached your mind it, but those qualities this is the malleable nature of the mind and that provides us with hope what we tend to were yesterday and we are today, we want not stay tomorrow if we are able to master the art of managing our mind.